DRS Air Combat Training Systems Products


Enabling “Rangeless” Live Air Combat Training

Leonardo DRS test and training products set the standard for interoperable, joint, multiservice and coalition test/training ranges and electronic warfare (EW) training systems.  Our systems are fielded globally and on all major combat aircraft.  Our EW training systems can be interfaced to our test/training ranges proving our customer’s a full spectrum of training capability.

Air Combat Training
Revolutionizing Air Combat Training Realism

Leonardo DRS develops a variety of complete air combat training systems for airborne platforms, and ground subsystems to meet the unique needs of our global customer set.

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Electronic Warfare (EW) Simulators
Maximizing Aircrew Training and Survivability

Leonardo DRS EW Simulators range in size and complexity from hand held, low cost/low fidelity RWR stimulators to full ERP 5th gen digital threats. The product line is almost fully exportable.

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Open ACTIVE Display & Debriefing
A Comprehensive Debriefing System

A display and debriefing system for air combat training featuring 3D solid-fill graphics and alphanumeric data displays for real-time operations and post-flight replay.

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