Navy Electronic Motor Operator

Achieve modern command/control specifications from a qualified, compact and cost-effective solution.


Matt Rhinehart

Manager, Business Development 

DRS Naval Power Systems

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

+1 800 552 2829

Whether for a new shipbuilding or modernization program, Leonardo DRS Navy Electronic Motor Operator (NEMO) is ideal for integrated control, motor protection, condition based maintenance, power monitoring, ship network communications and local network I/O.

The NEMO comprises an electronic control module, an overload application module and a solid-state switch module. NEMO integrates control, motor protection, power monitoring, network communications and local network I/O into a single unit in accordance with MIL-DTL-2212. NEMO is fully qualified for Navy use.

The Navy Electronic Motor Operator is used on the latest U.S. Navy ships for motor control, HVAC control and ABT control and is adaptable to any current or future U.S. Navy machinery control network protocols. 

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