DTS-K CP-2635(C)/A – Link-11 Data Terminal Set with Embedded Crypto

Communicate Link-11 data.


DRS Airborne & Intelligence Systems - Networked Communications


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Similar to the DTS, the DTS-K performs as a modem, communicating tactical command and control data between ship, shore and air platforms on the Link-11 system. However, the DTS-K also provides National Security Agency (NSA) certified encryption capabilities.

DTS-K has three primary functions: first, to handle message flow from one station to another; second, to transmit and receive data; and third, to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data for Communication Security (COMSEC). Working as one integrated system, it ensures that all sensitive communications within the Link-11 network are properly protected.

The system can be operated remotely from the cockpit and can be configured to provide the Single-Tone Link-11 (SLEW) waveform in high-traffic environments. It can also be configured to connect to an alternate Link-22 network.

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