MX-512PV/RC(V)2 Remote Control for AN/USQ-125V

Control the functionality of the AN/USQ-125V from a remote shipboard location.


DRS Airborne & Intelligence Systems - Networked Communications


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In order to control the AN/USQ-125V, the MX-512PV/RC(V)2 Remote Control is embedded with easy-to-use WindowsXP or Linux operating system software — ideal for this application.

The 19-inch LCD display allows users to run the Data Terminal Set (DTS) Control and Status application, as well as the Learning Management System (LMS) application simultaneously. If desired, it can also support Control and Status application software for Link-22 Single Processor Controller (SPC) functionality.

The display can easily be mounted in a rugged rack for space-saving storage and to withstand the demanding Naval Shelter environment. 

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